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I truly love words, and the power they have. So it always feels great to be recognized for using them effectively. 


Here are some examples of nice accolades I've won for my work. 

Architectural SSL 

2013 Product Innovation Award


During my time at Kim/AAL Lighting, I was part of a marketing team that won SSL Architecture's 2013 "Outstanding Media Campaign" award based on customer response to trade publication advertising.  

Redcats USA 

2009 Excel Award


While it was still the parent company of The Sportsman's Guide, Redcats USA gave out only a handful of annual Excel awards per year as their highest honor. I was lucky enough to have been part of a writing team that was awarded this honor for "Excellence in Video Production" in 2009.

Fresh Voices Screenplay Contest - 2011 2nd Place Winner: "Action/Adventure"


Screenwriting has always been an interest of mine. So, after completion of our action/comedy script "Take Out" in 2011, my writing partner Ryan Myers and I entered the Fresh Voices contest. Imagine our surprise when our début effort took second place in the "Action/ Adventure" category.

"Above And Beyond" Awards - Multiple


The Sportsman's Guide Creative Department has a peer-reward system in place in order to recognize exceptional work by their associates. I was honored to have been singled out many times by my co-workers for providing assistance outstanding enough to warrant these special honors.

After coming to work with the talented team at Braintrust, I was privileged to participate in the ideation, pitching, and creation of a wide range of client, and public-facing campaigns. Some received honors I shared with the company, and my co-workers. My teams received recognition from organizations such as the American Advertising Federation, Public Relations Society of America, and the International Competition for Marketing and Communication Professionals.  

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