Passionate. Pedantic.


"M.C.'s said it before, and we'll say it again: Surfers, drummers and comedians make the best Copywriters." - Modern Copywriter, October 3rd, 2012. 


Okay, so...I'm not a surfer. But two out of three ain't bad. 

My name's Jim. I'm a Copywriter...and a damn good one. I've been writing professionally in some form or another since my first publication — in a college-level English textbook — at the tender age of 17. I've loved every minute of it ever since. Writing isn't just my job, it's been my passion my entire life. As such, I possess a peerless attention to detail, unmatched grammatical acumen, and an unapologetically perfectionist attitude toward making sure every "T" is crossed, and "I" dotted. In short, mistakes aren't on the menu. I simply won't stop until it's not just perfect, but perfect for your needs. 


I've gotten to write about everything from a production company's nationally syndicated television show, to the cable company that would be delivering it. From mass-market, globally distributed music collections, to concerts by the artists who appear on them. I've worked with hungry startups, and larger-than-life household names. I've sold sports teams, and sporting goods. Big brands, and novelty niches. Hotels, and helicopter tours. Casinos, and credit cards. Light bulbs, and life coaching. Shoes, and shumai. Everything from soup to nuts — including actual soup, and literal nuts.

My work has appeared coast-to-coast. I've created work for for world-class five-star hotels in Manhattan's SoHo, on Washington DC's K Street, overlooking Miami's most coveted stretch of shoreline, in LA's entertainment district, northern California's Napa Valley, and on the Las Vegas Strip. Written celebrity-client billboards hanging over the Oscars red carpet, the busiest intersection in Sin City, and along one of the most heavily-traveled highway corridors in North America. I've published print articles in nightstand magazines in the busiest resorts in the world. Content pieces with engagement counts in the tens of thousands. Major-market radio and TV spots. Branding books for Fortune 100 companies. Catalog work that went to mailing lists of half a million people. Programs distributed to tens of thousands of expo attendees. Campaign brochures for political candidates. Script content for major Hollywood film producers and screenwriters. My work has resulted in 23,000% social media engagement increases. Doubled revenue streams. 95% spikes in web traffic. 


Along the way, I've made a lot of friends. Had a lot of fun. Traveled the country. And even won a few nice awards for my work. 

In short: I write words that sell. Words that work. Words that win.


What can I write for you?

Advertising • Marketing • Editing • Proofreading • Branding • Social Media • Web Copy • Public Relations • Press Releases • Brochures • Video Scripts • Billboards • Radio • TV • White Papers • Case Studies • Direct Mail • Landing Pages • Sell Sheets • Email • Content Marketing • Blogging • Packaging Copy • Product Descriptions • Catalog • Print Ads • Text Message Marketing • ...And Much More!